okay seriously if you’re in a relationship or even a friendship and you find yourself spending more time crying out of sadness or arguing with them, leave them. i don’t care if they’re a modern day aphrodite/adonis or a gift bestowed upon you by the gods. toxic people are dangerous and i highly advise cutting them out of your life and finding someone who makes you laugh until you snort your drink out your nose instead.

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S’mores Cupcakes


i think im emotionally constipated because i haven’t given a shit in months

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Breakfast at home with @humphreykatie. (at Joe’s Bat Cave)

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Hitachi Seaside Park kobaken
I remember when I was younger and I wanted to be beautiful; now I’m older and I want to be intelligent. I want to burn hearts with brilliance and engulf souls with compassion. I want to be loved for my thoughts and nothing else.

✖ have just seen now you see me!! i'm blown away by how awesome it is.

✖ changed my theme! what do you guys think? :)

✖ i'm about to put a pop up links box

✖ thinking of changing my update tab as well

✖ and adding a chatbox and an about me page soon

✖ still want to go skydiving

✖ reading: Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

✖ watching: Now You See Me

✖ listening: Wasted by Tiesto